Classes and Workshops

Ikebana is a form of artistic expression that is accessible to all, from children to adults. As a function of your goal, from a simple floral arrangement for personal enjoyment to further advancing your knowledge and skills as a floral artist or ikebana teacher, Atelier d'Ikebana – École IKENOBO will provide you with the instruction best suited to your needs.


Group Classes

Weekly classes to assure progressive learning. Classes are conceived for children (5 years of age and up), adolescents and adults.

Private Lessons

By appointment only, private lessons for 1 person or for a group of friends. Lessons may be held in your home or other venues.


Workshops with Themes

For participants with experience, these bi-weekly workshops serve to improve their technical skills as well as knowledge pertaining to the different styles of IKENOBO ikebana. In the long term, students will develop a solid understanding of the various criteria indispensable for the realisation of harmonious and elegant compositions : three-dimensionality, empty 'active' spaces, the association as well as contrasts of colours, shapes and textures of plant and floral materials...

Workshops for Beginners

Ideal for strict beginners or for those with some previous knowledge, these workshops concentrate on the basic principles and techniques of IKENOBO ikebana. Styles such as MORIBANA, NAGEIRE, SHOKA and JIYUKA will be the primary focus.

These workshops are also suitable for children or adults who wish to experiment with IKENOBO ikebana before committing themselves. A new workshop session could be organised with 4 or more participants.

Training and Certification for Prospective Teachers of Ikebana

Diplomas, in accordance with the level of skills and competence of students, will be awarded by the IKENOBO SOCIETY OF FLORAL ART (Kyoto, Japan) upon the professor's recommendation. Examination and certification fees apply.