Other Services

  1. Ikebana classes, workshops, demonstrations for
    • Libraries, Cultural Centres
    • Schools (primary, secondary...)
    • Businesses, Workplaces

    Ikebana, by virtue of its meditative quality, is conducive to generating, for its practitioners, a sense of serenity and relaxation. For children, the art enhances their awareness to the beauty of nature.

  2. Private lessons and workshops
  3. Atelier d’Ikebana IKENOBO proposes innovative and fun get-togethers through ikebana activities. In the privacy of your home, private lessons or workshops for 1 person or for a group of friends.

  4. Ikebana inspired floral arrangements for all occasions
    • Weddings
    • Anniversaries
    • Receptions
    • Ceremonies

    Customised elegant floral creations which best reflect your personality and style.

  5. Ikebana compositions for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels...
  6. Liven up your living or work space, create a warm and welcoming ambiance…with ikebana creations tailored to your needs.

  7. Gift certificates
  8. Gift certificates for a class or for a workshop...a unique way to introduce that special someone to the beautiful art of ikebana.