Simplicity, beauty, balance ; the result leaves us speechless. – D.L.V.

Superb, original, beautiful work. End result is light and conducive to méditation. – C.P.

Rarely have I been carried away by an artform filled with so much précision and poetry. Superb. – William

Many thanks for this unique exhibit of exceptional quality. Grace, beauty, spirituality, sensuality are brought together /united for the pleasure and the contemplation of the spectators, even the inexperienced. A pure delight. - N.P.

I had no idea that a floral composition could contain so much spirituality. Perfection and elegance, a true zen moment. – Patrick

I realize, little by little, through your marvellous exhibits of the art of ikebana of the Ikenobo school, that contemplation of your floral compositions leads one to discover oneself. We are faced with pure beauty, the expression of the essence of beauty. A living, vibrant beauty the ephemeral quality of which fills us with emotions. This is not merely aesthetic. The perfection of each composition elicits in each of us a new rapport with art and with nature. Our perception is modified and enriched. Thank you for sharing with us, wtih so much generosity, an exceptional artform that reach deeply within each spectator, be they be ignorant of ikebana, if they take the time to contemplate. – N. Pinsivy