Atelier d' Ikebana – École Ikenobo

Ikebana, derived from "ikeru" – the art of arranging and "hana / bana" – live flowers, is a unique art which has enchanted many since the 7th century in Japan, and earlier, in China and Korea.

Practised for its meditative and spiritual qualities, initially by buddhist monks, then the aristocrats of the imperial court and the samourais - this art is today accessible to all enthusiasts worldwide, of all ages and from all walks of life.

"L'Atelier d'Ikebana – École Ikenobo" was founded in 2013 in Lorient, France. Through classes, workshops, expositions and demonstrations, it strives to promote the beauty of the ikebana of the IKENOBO school at home and abroad.

Practitioners of ikebana gather their inspirations from the nature. Brittany, with its temperate climate, is home to a great variety of plants and vegetation. This is undeniably a haven for ikebana aficionados : mimosa and calla lilies in Spring, hydrangea and agapanthus in Summer, skimmia japonica in Autumn, camellia and Japanese quince in Winter… With the great selection of floral and plant materials so readily available, ikebana practitioners are able to experience the joy of bringing together in an ikebana arrangement, the different plants and flowers that may otherwise never have met!

Ikebana, notably that of the IKENOBO school, nurtures a profound sensitivity of its practitioners towards the beauty of nature and the harmony that it embodies. Patience, perseverance, modesty, humility and the respect for nature and for fellow beings are qualities which enhance the spirituality of the practitioner.

Harmony, serenity, simplicity, elegance are qualities often associated with IKENOBO Ikebana. An ikebana arrangement conceived along these principles will bring to life a miniature version of the beautiful nature, provide inner peace and immense visual pleasures to the artist as well as the viewers.

We live in a modern society of which stress is an inevitable phenomenon. The practice of ikebana is, without a doubt, an effective way of overcoming the negative impacts of today's lifestyle.

To you, "L'Atelier d'Ikebana – École Ikenobo" extends a warm welcome. We invite you to discover and to explore IKENOBO Ikebana, a unique universe of harmony, poetry and beauty.


My « senseis » show me the way ; I proceed with humility, patience and perseverance.