Introduced during the 17th century , the traditional Shoka Shofutai style highlights "Sshusho", the inherent inner beauty of flowers and plants. Comprised of 3 main elements : Shin, Soe and Tai, this style is a graceful, harmonious representation of the growth patterns of plants in nature. Three variations are widely practised : Isshuike (1 material), Nishuike (2 materials) and Sanshuike (3 materials).

Shoka Shimputai, a modern form of Shoka, was conceived in 1977 by Sen'eï Ikenobo, the current Headmaster, to provide ikebana arrangers with a greater freedom of artistic expression. An elegantly harmonized composition is achieved trough a fine balance between Shu, the principal element and Yo, the secondary. If necessay, a third element, Ashirai, is added as a finishing touch to furthur enhance the rapport of Shu and Yo.

Shoka Shofutai

Shoka Shimputai